Where it all started

Kayak fishing can be great fun!  If watching a four pound bass eat a creature bait 8 feet from you isn't fun, we don't know what is.  

There are also those days where

the struggle is real:

The wind comes up and you spend more time with the paddle in your hand than the fishing pole

You decide that you just can't flip sitting anymore so you try to stand-and now you're wet

You get the bite you've been waiting for all day only to have her pull you into the cover rather than you pull her out

You're uncomfortable after being out for only few hours 

You have to go on shore to get your jacket because you can't reach it from your seat


What if we designed a watercraft that was ideally suited to support fishing?

  • Stability that allows you to stand with confidence

  • Comfort that allows you to stay out as long as you want

  • Fish effectively in wind and current

  • Transport and setup simplified

  • Ample storage that accessible while on the water


Designs were created, prototyped, tested and researched with end users, dealers and manufacturers to refine

Prototypes were built by creating a solid model, plotting 1:1's, cutting-out foam sheets, layering the foam and then shaping the foam to the final form. 





First test - how do you test a watercraft during the Midwestern Winter?  In a pool of course!

Modified Prototype

& Flat Bottom Hull

Experimenting with changes to the shape of pontoons and modifying balance point to improve stability.  Tried a flat bottom hull to understand how much benefit tri-hull was providing: A LOT!

Taking what was learned, a new shape was formed, wrapped with fiberglass and painted to take to various locations for feedback



Market Feedback

End Users





This is the current state of the development of the final pre-production prototype.  When sanding is complete, fiberglass will be applied to make this a product that can be taken out for final validation

Final Design Rendering

Hull Mold under construction

400lb Load Testing of the chair

First time on the water!

Learn more about the features & benefits of The Trident Explorer

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