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Check out our YouTube channel to see the Trident Explorer in action!

The Trident Explorer

Make your fishing experience more enjoyable and effective

  • Stability to stand confidently

  • Elevated, comfortable seated position

  • 100% hands-free maneuvering

  • Easy to transport and launch

  • Ample accessible storage

  • Bow or transom mount motor mount

Customizations available for your mission

Standing fishing2.jpg


The 48" wide tri-hull provides exceptional stability with the outer pontoons acting as integral outriggers 

The stability of the hull enables the seat to be elevated for comfort and ease of standing or sitting. 


While standing you have a commanding view into the water which is especially useful for pitching, fly fishing or bow fishing

Profile fishing.jpg


While seated, enjoy the ergonomically designed breathable mesh chair.  To stand, simply flip the seat up and out of your way.  One can also lean against the back and perch on the end of the seat for support.  

The key to comfort is having the ability to move around while fishing.  No small boat is better at allowing one to do that

The paddling motion also utilizes compliant pedals that eliminate stress on joints.

Profile fishing.jpg


Driving the paddle with your legs is simple and intuitive.  Never stop fishing to re-position; instead make effortless small corrections while you are fishing.  There's no complicated drive system to worry about damaging or getting wrapped-up in weeds when fishing shallow water or in heavy cover.  

To cover larger distances faster, bow or transom mount trolling motors can be added.  A 2.5hp outboard motor can also be mounted.

With these drive options one has the capability to fish on days when others are forced to stay home

Wind Sock.JPG

Wind-the mortal enemy of the kayak fisherman

Len walking with boat.jpg


With integrated wheels, bringing The Trident Explorer to the water is a breeze!

Get your rig completely setup at your vehicle, pick up the front and you're ready to be on the water

The Trident Explorer can be hauled in the bed of any pickup that can carry a 4 foot wide sheet. 


Loading is done by setting the rear of the boat on the tailgate and then lifting the front & sliding-in. Short-bed trucks are no problem since most of the weight is in the rear 4 feet of the boat.   

No trips back and forth between your vehicle and water



Ample storage space within easy reach, but not in your way.  

Spaces for 6 Plano utility boxes

Dry storage bin


Thermal cup/bottle holders


In-hull storage for 7'6" rods

In Hull Storage

Store 7'6" rods, paddle and gear inside hull for transport

Door can open from front or back

Front storage open from front rod half i

Extending Range

When you need to cover a larger body of water, an integral transom on the back of the hull allows for a conventional trolling or outboard motor to be attached.

Boat with Outboard motor.JPG


Side View.jpg

Bring a friend with you on the Trident Explorer Duo.  Two swivel seats and a hull extended 18" bring all of the benefits of the Trident Explorer to you and your fishing buddy

Base price for Duo model: $3650

White boat from rear quarter view.jpg

Millenium mesh pedestal seat with locking swivel and fore/aft seat slide


Custom gelcoat color

+ $200

Custom graphic color

+ $75

Custom Paint.jpg

Custom clear coat paint with custom graphics 

call for price

Bow Mount Trolling Motor.jpg

Motorguide Xi3 bow mount trolling motor installation including in-hull Lithium battery and onboard charger

call for price

Aluminum transom protector to prevent scratching of gelcoat from clamp

+ $35

Bracket to mount outboard motor

(elevates motor for ease of use) 

+ $75

Fish finder.jpg

Fish Finder installation


Garmin Striker 4 with internally mounted transducer


Call us for price for other units

Storage Cover closed.jpg
Storage Cover open from front.jpg

Storage cover (hinges forward/backward)

+ $150


Have ideas for other customizations?  Give us a call and we'll build your dream boat.

Star on boat.jpg

Here is an example of a boat built specifically for catfishing.  Heavy duty rod holders, a swivel seat and a bow mount trolling motor controlled by a wireless foot pedal are perfectly suited for her mission.


  The personalized graphics are the final touch that makes this boat truly special.   

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